The Canadian is ready for a second chance with the Chargers

The Canadian is ready for a second chance with the Chargers

Last season was a surprise for Ryan Hunter, who moved to Los Angeles from Kansas City after two years with the leaders. The attacking lineup feels at his first training camp with the Chargers, giving him a second chance to prove his place in the NFL.

Last year, after training camp, the leaders released Franco-Ontario, whose parents belonged to Demiscamming. For two weeks, until the Chargers arrived, Hunter eagerly waited for another team to call.

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He finally spent the season with the company, on the reserve board.

“I saw it for a long time, we waited two weeks. This was the first time I went out of work at the beginning of the season. Mentally, I told myself that a lot of people in the league were in the same situation. I wanted a team to give me another chance to show that I’m good to play in this league. He said in an interview a year later.

“Leaders told me it was a tough decision, but it’s very exciting to have a chance to play with new games, new coaches and a new team. I have the opportunity to extend my life for many years.”

Guard and Center

With the Chargers, Hunter trains as a guard and hub. In Kansas City, he was used extensively as a deterrent or guard. The word of a new playbook was a challenge, but this time he, like everyone else, is looking forward to starting the season with his team.

“Many groups work the same way, whether in practice or at meetings. It is not difficult to be comfortable in my new environment.

“Catching a playbook during the season is a harder part than having months to do what I can do this year. I’m so excited to start camping with chargers,” he said.

New sheriff in town

Within the team, a strong wind of hope rules. Not only did young quarterback Justin Herbert make a splash in his first season last fall, Brandon Staley has a new regime in place as head coach.

He is 38 years old and only served in various assistant positions before rising as Rams’ defensive coordinator last season.

“He’s different from the head coaches I already know. He brings a lot of energy and the players respond well to this kind of coach. The players like to play for a coach like that. He set up a good environment,” Hunter praised.

However, if experience with chargers proves uncertain, someone who grew up in North Bay believes he has a chance to stand alone elsewhere.

“This is a chance to make a good impression. I feel really ready. With the return of the preseason games this year, I have the opportunity to show not only the Chargers but also the 31 other teams I have upgraded to. If it does not work with the Chargers, I will place my place elsewhere on a regular list. I want to create. “

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