Steam was first discovered on one of Jupiter’s moons

Steam was first discovered on one of Jupiter's moons

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A study confirms the presence of water vapor in the cone.

In 1610, Galileo discovered the four moons of Jupiter: Io, Europe, Callisto and Gonimet. Today, a new study has confirmed the presence of water vapor in the solar system’s largest moon, Conim. The results of this new study were recently published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Past and present data collected by NASA’s Hubble Telescope were observed. The results confirm two things. First, there is steam in the satellite’s atmosphere. Second, it would be the result of a direct transition from ice to gas on its surface.

“These results suggest that vapor actually exists in the atmosphere of icy bodies in the outer solar system,” said Lawrence Roth, lead author of the study, via “Ganymede is believed to be the home of vast oceans covering a larger area than Earth. It is possible that the oceans are a hundred kilometers below the lunar surface.

A lot of such innovation is dreamy. Because water is often synonymous with life. Who knows, it might be like that in Ganymede.

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