The Galileo project explores technologically extraterrestrial civilizations

L’ambition du projet Galileo est d’étudier les phénomènes aérospatiaux non identifiés (Pan) dans l’espoir de répondre à LA question : sommes-nous seuls dans l’Univers ? © IgorZh, Adobe Stock

The U.S. heard the report a few weeks ago. This will be done through the exclusive program of the Galileo Project. Around the world, unidentified space phenomena (PANs) – what we call UFOs – are being monitored and studied by a team of researchers. Objective: To determine whether technological extraterrestrial civilizations (ETCs) sometimes meet us.

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At the beginning of the year, a lot of ink was spread claiming that Avi Lope was with him. Evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. A few weeks ago, he agreed in an editorial “Unrecognized space events (PAN) – Once called UFOs Unidentified flying objectsThe origin of the extraterrestrial is very speculative. Further “Instead of simply questioning possible scenarios, we need to gather better scientific data and re-clarify the nature of these pans.”, He added. What a perfect fit Report At the same time published in the US Congress created by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

Today, the Harvard astronomer (USA) goes from speech to action. Announces the launch of a program to search for and study evidence for the existence, past or present of technological extraterrestrial civilizations (ETCs): The Galileo Project. “Given the abundance of recently discovered planetary systems, humans can no longer ignore the potential existence of ETC.”, Indicates Press Release by Harvard University.

External ideas are mixed. Even if they realize that there is no harm in looking, the possibility of finding something seems slim. Because what Avi Loy and his team represent is unidentified space events (PAN). Once known as UFOs – for unidentified flying objects. Events, therefore, are recorded in our sky, or beyond. “We want to promote the search Extraterrestrial Technology Signatures From accidental or archaic observations to formal, verified and explicit scientific observations. “, Explain the researchers involved. But, between planes, weather balloons, birds, Meteors Or even weather events, the nature of these objects appears to be so inconsistent that it is difficult for external scientists to imagine a global monitoring strategy.

Finally the answers?

Because this is the idea of ​​Avi Lope and his team. Build a network of high-powered telescopes, thanks to private funding of around மில்லியன் 1.5 million Resolution Please helpArtificial intelligence And anything extraordinary will continue to clear the sky to record hard data. But explore using the Earth’s surroundings Sensors Multi-detectors will look for any unusual object. For example, the Omumuwa type. So that you can read them well.

That is why the Galileo project is exactly what the US Congress report drafted a few days ago by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNY): an in-depth and scientific study – and accessible to all – of the pans. To this end, AV Lope has surrounded himself with technicians, instrumentalists and scientists from a variety of backgrounds. He makes sure his supporters are committed to funding the project. “Unconditionally”. What, a priority, to work quietly and with complete freedom.

The team is currently in the process of selecting tools to build its network. Telescopes connected to A Artificial intelligence Responsible for filtering data. If the audience predicts that the results of the Galileo project may take a long time to come – especially the time it takes to build Software Can do the job – Avi Lope expects some interesting first results next year. What everyone wants is the Galileo project to provide informative answers. Beyond any prejudice that could distort its results. One way or another.

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