In Mayan, Zhou won a record deal with the US government

Thibo Lancaster is the CEO of Zhou.
Thibo Lancaster is the CEO of Zhou.

News: Can you remind us of the activities of the Zoo company?

Thibo Longcode: Zoo has been a 100% digital company since its historic print operations were resold to Duplicate early last year. Mayanne employs 1,500 people, including 500 people. Today we are a leader in incoming flows and document management for companies.
For example, during the Govt crisis, we created a new line in Mayen to centralize all the paperwork needed to hospitalize a patient. We have also created a digitalization of the medical file.

You have an agreement with the US government. What will be your mission?

DL: We won a contract with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. government agency responsible for patents and trademarks. He asks us to digitize all claims for a period of ten years with a contract that could go up to $ 1.4 billion.
In the United States, when a company wishes to file a patent, it sends a form to the USPTO with proof of the innovative nature of its project: photographs, drawings, sketches, projects, press articles … Come on. We need to enrich them to identify innovation and manage revisions and document release.

What will be the consequences for the company?

DL: This whole process will be done on our own tools. In France, we are going to hire 150 people, especially IT development engineers at Maine and Lens, to design a platform that will manage all of this documentary flow.

Once it is built, French teams will move it to the United States. We will create 1,000 jobs through our subsidiary Flatirons Solutions to manage this flow. Americans are required to process data in the United States so that it cannot leave the territory. French staff will continue to maintain the stage from France.

Is this a big deal for a company like Joe?

DL: It is impossible to have such a contract in France or Europe because the law does not allow us to win a contract of this importance due to the size of the company. Here we are forced to lean against a great actor. So this makes our teams proud and it is a great adventure to start with.

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