Fire breaks out in resort areas for fifth day – TSN Exclusive –

Fire breaks out in resort areas for fifth day - TSN Exclusive -

At least seven people have already been killed in the blaze.

In Turkey – the fifth day of a large-scale wildfire. They promised to recover the houses destroyed by the fire at the expense of the state and to detain the suspects already on fire. The night before, a fire broke out not only near Antalya Beach and Marmaris, but also on the outskirts of Podram. Residents of several hotels were evicted there.

This is told in the story on August 1st DSN.19: 30.

Troops were dispatched from all over the country to put out the fire as darkness fell across the street, but without fire trucks, fire trucks, water bottles, shovels and firefighters tried to put out the blaze. Even fire extinguishers.

Smoky beach near Turkish Marmaris. It combines two realities: quiet tourists constantly trying not to let the flames destroy everything around them, in sunlight, in the water, on the terraces of restaurants and firefighters.

The fire has been spreading in Turkey for five days. They have At least seven people were killed and dozens injured. Turkish officials say most of the large explosions were contained, but new ones are emerging at the same time. The wind blows sparks.

Although the helicopters were pouring tons of water into the forest one by one, they somehow managed to cross that element from the ground – they simply shut it down and knocked down the smoking trees by hand.

Nearly a dozen professional rescuers here are ordinary residents of Marmaris.

The Mediterranean Sea is a few kilometers away, but fire areas need water. Volunteers who help out here actually stop the cars going and ask if there is water in the cabin or if the drivers can’t afford it.

Many say the fire was not accidental. Involved in various regions and countries. Investigators already have several suspects. One man, accused of causing a fire near Marmaris, was arrested the previous day.

When it gets dark on the street, the plane stops working – these are the rules of the plane. They fight fire only by hand from the ground. Then the flame multiplies many times. The smoke spreads on the floor, making it difficult to breathe and almost nothing is visible.

We go to the neighboring town – Igmeler. At midnight, an area near the mountain was also in danger, although the fire was still a few kilometers away. They are already getting ready for the worst – the cattle are being evicted at midnight.

This large-scale fire has become a holiday scene for tourists. They leave their hotels and set out to see and photograph the nearby burning forests. So it burns all night – to turn the green forest to ashes. In the morning, residents go to their area to see what happened overnight. Tears are not included.

Turkish officials promise to help people rebuild their homes at the government’s expense.

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