America VS Europe: The Benefit of America for Now

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Regardless of the rain, the U.S. team was able to play two games yesterday and topped the Europeans with two wins.

At the first meeting, little surprise from Maxi Sanchez and Uruguayan Diego Ramos dominating Pacquiao Navarro and Yuri Botello: 7/6 6/3.

At the other meeting, Bastian Blanque and Arturo Coelho were defeated by Sanyo Guterres and Martin de Nenno. After leading the race in the first heat and leading 3/0, the French and Spaniards were caught by Argentina, who won the set at the tie-break. The 4th and 12th player in the world then accelerated to a 7/6 6/1 win.

Blank America VS Europe 2021

We will let you know about the remaining matches and you can follow it Patel-TV.

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