Google promotes data privacy and security for Android devices

Google promotes data privacy and security for Android devices


Google has announced that it will follow new policies with the Google Play App Store to improve the data privacy of Android users.

The company recently said on its official website, “We are working closely with software developers to maintain the Google Play Store as a safe and trusted place for billions of users around the world to download, so we are creating a new security section to improve the privacy of users’ data in the Store.”

According to Google, applications that will be allowed to be manipulated through the Google Play Store in the future will be transparent enough to notify users of data, and their developers will be required to notify users of multiple points, including:

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Indicates whether the app follows certain security policies, such as data encryption.

Announcing whether the application adheres to the “Family Safety” policy is what some parents use to control the quality of their children’s reach.

– Gives users the freedom to choose to share data through the app.

– The application allows users to delete data if they decide to uninstall the application.

Google is expected to begin adopting new policies regarding its online application store from next year, after collaborating with application developers and announcing all the conditions necessary to promote their products through the store.

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