Amazon, Google London research on fake ideas

Le géant des achats en ligne dit collaborer avec la CMA dans ses recherches.

The British Competition Commission (CMA) has launched a formal investigation against digital companies Google and Amazon to find out if they have violated consumer protection laws by not hunting down fake reviews on their site. An informal CMA investigation of more than a year has led to fears that both US groups are too lenient in hunting down product reviews.Misleading or misleading.

«Incorrect or misleading product reviews can affect a company’s ratings or the way they appearIn consumer search engines, CMA argues. “It is important that these technology sites take responsibility, and we are prepared to take action when we believe they are not adequate.», Warns CMA.

The British rival policeman is already investigating Google, fearing that planned changes to its Chrome browser will strengthen its dominance in online advertising. “In order to help gain the trust of consumers, we dedicate significant resources to prevent the appearance of false or paid reviews in our store.Online, Amazon promised in a statement.

The online shopping company says it is cooperating with CMA in its research and observes that no concrete allegations have been made against its operations for violating the law. Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment from AFP. American Internet giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google, meanwhile, are under constant scrutiny for abusing dominance in the US and Europe.

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