Team USA aspires for a good lead | NBA

Team USA aspires for a good lead |  NBA

If they happen to be against Iran, Greg Popovic’s men have conceded against France’s first defeat to the United States at the Olympics since 2004.

Very limited inside, the Americans enjoyed the French “high ball” with Rudy Cobert and Vincent Fourier.

Only Anthony Davis in the world

If the Kevin Torrent is over 2 m10, it is not a professional interior, and finally, the Palm Adebayo always occurs as a very large interior weighing 2 m06 and 116 kg NBA. Against Vincent Fourier, Rudy Cobert and Moustaba Fall the peak above 2m10 is very low.

However, Jerry Kolangelo and American staff tried to find different profiles to create a consistent workforce. After looking at the question, Colonello can only make a clear observation. “If you look at American interiors, they are very thin. Most of the best centers are international players ” Sorry for the inconvenience Athletes.

Look at Pam Adebayo, with the exception of Anthony Davis, the Americans have no interior above the others. When we quote, we cite Joel Embed (Cameron), Nicola Jogic (Serbia), Rudy Cobert (France), Carl Anthony Downs (Dominican Republic) or Diandre Aiden (Bahamas) when they stumble upon the best centers of the NBA. Or not American. World champion DiMergus Cousins ​​in 2014 should have topped the list, but repeated injuries ruined his life.

Kevin Love is wrong

In conclusion, the selection committee should try the challenge, and Greg Popovich expects a lot from Kevin Love. It only took ten days to see the acting bug and Kevin Love retire. “I did not expect Kevin Love to play” Kolangelo agrees.

Caves Interior wanted to take advantage of this event to revive after a difficult season marked by injuries. “He’s good to us. He’s indebted to the United States. We were looking for someone with some international experience. He could get some shots back. We saw him as the 12th man on this list, but it did not work. Go ahead. Call it an error. “

Options were limited, which is why Team USA turned on Joel McGee, who won an NBA. If the NBA Champion is an honest blocker-restart, you can expect a different quality when you say it is the best nation in the world.

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