NFL: Anthony Ackler has a new family in Houston

NFL: Anthony Ackler has a new family in Houston

“I move from one family to another. It is in this film that the tight end Anthony Auckler describes the transition from Buccaneers to Texan, which sees the fifth-year player begin at the new ground.

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The idea that you need to start anew to get a place on your new team is the primary of new sites.

In fact, although Buchanan has repeatedly stated that the former Rouge et al positioned himself as one of the best in the round while blocking himself, Ackler knows he is a new organization and he should sell his game now.

“I move from one family to another. I received a good reception in Houston. People are great. As soon as the camp started, I felt like one more part of the family. On the other hand, injuries can never be guaranteed, no matter where you go, especially in a sport like football. I didn’t take anything for granted, my main purpose was to build the team, because it was never given, “recalls Notre Dame-des-Pins proudly, in an interview Newspaper.

New approach

If he mentions injuries, there has been no strong tight end in recent years, especially last season.

Aguilar continues to feel new and ready to continue in office, where he has changed his approach on many levels to improve his opportunities.

“Before this, when my season was over, it didn’t take long to recover. I quickly started training hard again. I changed my recipe and it worked so far. I don’t want to talk too fast, but I feel good. I improved a lot of things regarding my mental and physical preparation and my nutrition. I had a good office and could not wait to compete on the field, ”he explained.

More leadership

In Tampa, in a locker room filled with players who have established themselves as stars on the Goodell Circuit, Auckler does not necessarily speak. This is not his role, but he hopes to increase his involvement in this chapter in Houston, within a young team in reconstruction.

“This is my fifth year and I’m sick of how fast it goes! I am 28 years old and we have 21 year olds. This is a little old for me! Thanks to my experience and what I have experienced, I feel like a leader who can help others, as a leader this year. This is a character I want to create this year, ”he said.

In his first camp with the Texans, Aguilar survives a somewhat uncomfortable situation. All-Star quarterback Deshan Watson is keen to play elsewhere, and although he has joined the team, he is still seeking a trade-off. The situation continues to ink, especially as Watson is said to have made inappropriate gestures through dozens of massages.

“This situation is a shame, but I’m coming to camp focusing on my business. What happens. The rest is out of my control,” Ackler said very succinctly.

A ring to complete the ring

Anthony O'Callaghan runs with the ball in the game against Seahawks on November 3, 2019 in Seattle.

Photo d’archives

Anthony O’Callaghan runs with the ball in the game against Seahawks on November 3, 2019 in Seattle.

After four seasons at Tampa, that cut was no longer apparent to Anthony Ogler. Shortly before leaving for Houston, the Super Bowl ring he went to retrieve with his former teammates closed an episode in its proper form.

Beyond the beauty of the luxurious ornaments of the dominating champions, it was the last time he had the opportunity to reassemble weapons with his ex-comrades, which made Auckler happy.

“If we hadn’t won the Super Bowl, I would never have seen my Tampa friends again. This allowed me to see everyone in the company again. It’s not just the players, but a lot of people you see back then, like therapists and media relationship managers, with whom you spent four years. It is good to greet everyone, ”he replied.

Long road

Auckler jumped in his vehicle to cover the distance between Quebec and Tampa before doing that between Tampa and Houston. A good forty hours of driving, but the game is worth the candle.

“It’s a big decision for a year, it’s very hard. I have not been able to see my family and friends for a year. I was also injured, which means I missed playing time, it slowed me down at the end of the year. It helped to end everything in a positive light, ”he said.

Like his veneer cup rings, Auckler would be kind of more likely to keep his ring intact than it would show on his hand on a daily basis. This does not stop him from appreciating this value of his time with the Buccaneers.

“This is a beautiful gem! What they did with it is very interesting. This is the first time I ‘ve seen a ring open, so you can see the landscape inside. This is special. ”

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