Imprisonment in Sydney extended by one month


Sydney will be redefined for an additional month due to a worrying increase in pollution associated with the delta variation.

Residents in Sydney need to be patient and spend an extra month in jail, local officials announced Wednesday, citing higher pollution and lower vaccination rates.

Australia’s largest city was originally scheduled to end its five-week lockout on July 30, but restrictions were extended to four weeks until August 28.

“I understand what we are asking people for the next four weeks, but the reason is that we want to protect our community and make sure we can go back as soon as possible,” said the Prime Minister of Nova Scotia. South Wales Gladys Periglion.

Spectrum of delta variation

“People should behave well at all times. Do not reduce your security to us,” he pleaded.

In Melbourne, on the other hand, Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews said on Tuesday the prison was removed after two weeks of “determination and hard work.”

Australia, which was largely saved by the first waves of the epidemic, is now plagued by a highly contagious delta variant, especially since only 13% of the 25 million population is vaccinated.

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