The FBI monitors hundreds of hacker groups around the world

The FBI monitors hundreds of hacker groups around the world

As cyber attacks increase and the number of ransomware hackers grows, the The FBI did not reduce the pressure. Brian Worndiran, deputy director of the cybercrime unit at the agency, a Revealed The FBI currently monitors hundreds of hacker groups in the United States, but mostly in other parts of the world. Rise of power U.S. officials are increasingly concerned about the incident.

Hackers will disappear, and more and more people will appear each month

Right now, the FBI is hunting down about 100 group hackers. The division that specializes in cybercrime does not care about the latest news. U.S. officials must remain vigilant to prevent future cyber attacks. Organized gangs that specialize in ransomware attacks No mercy. They hit businesses, schools and federal organizations hard. While some groups are prudent in trying to be forgotten, others are particularly active.

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Among the wise groups, we see the Dark Site, a popular group from Eastern Europe that hacked the colonial pipeline in May 2021. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. American Community Agreed to pay 75 bitcoins, 4 is equal to 4.4 million. A few days after the recovery amount was paid, the pipe resumed its normal flow. Fortunately for the company, U.S. officials were able to get their hands on most of the bitcoins that were converted to DarkSide. This explains the recent m.

Cybercrime groups have never been so

However, under the radar, hundreds of hacker groups are very active. According to Brett Gallo, a cybercrime analyst at MCSoft: “New hacker groups appear a little every day. In some cases, they are linked to activities already known to the authorities. In others they are new gangs.”. Researchers estimate that to be approximate 1,000 teams specializing in ransomware worldwide. The FBI says finding cybercriminals is a difficult task.

As pointed out by Brian Worndiran: “Hackers who design ransomware software often differ from those who use it, and both parties share the benefits. We are interested in both of these profiles.”. Identifying hackers becomes more complicated when the ransomware world becomes more professional. A hacker who uses ransomware may have no connection with the team that designed it. According to the FBI, Many ransomware hackers are Russians. Joe Biden rightly criticized the Kremlin for not stopping these hackers.

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