Kyle Eastwood and his Quintet Samonics review film music at the summit

Kyle Eastwood and his Quintet Samonics review film music at the summit

Imagine a jazz club at an altitude of 2000 meters facing Mont-Plank. Kyle Eastwood and his four azolites took place on the Planet Press Plateau at the foot of the Brownt to review original tapes of some of the masterpieces of the 7th art. A cinemascope view in front of an audience sitting or lying between gentians and rhododendrons. You are Cosmojas Festival.

American double bass player with his father, the giant Clint Eastwood, love on jazz and cinema. For his musicians, it is very magical to find the public in such a setting: “We really enjoy doing live music,” Confirms the artist. Having an audience is so important, how to put it … Excitement! “

Cosmojas Festival: Le Kyle Eastwood Quintet

An excitement is carried to the surrounding peaks, where we can guess some photos of the climbers under the spelling of the melodies. In Taxi driver To Gran Torino, Kyle and his associates – Pianist Andrew McCormack, trumpet Quentin Collins, saxophonist Brandon Allen and drummer Chris Higginbotham – shared their new album Cinema Sometimes neophyte with the audience, a calmer in the mouth like this boy, often sporty and always a music lover, the spirit of the Cosmojas.

“It is a true quintet that represents the entire history of cinema, Slipping an audience. I love the sound, I love being here. “” The sound is wonderful, better than the interiors, Another continues. It echoes in the mountains, it is magic. “

There is height, there is the quality of the music, the quality of the place, the quality of the setting, the kindness of the people. I got stuck every time. I celebrate it, but it is unique in the world.

“Nature is a specific music, the music of meditation, The founder of the festival observes, Andre Manokian. I think 3/4 of the audience does not know the artists they are going to see. It is common for people to come to this valley to breathe in nature, go hiking and suddenly discover music. It sometimes gives birth to businesses, and I am happy. “

In Chamonix, the audience is teased by a famous cat. Pink Panther Planpras stole the show from the Marmots.

Cosmojas Festival, July 31, 2021 at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and Trident Valley. Turn on the plan and tickets The site of the event.

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