Twenty countries call for respect for Cubans’ “rights and freedoms” – Vand Beff

About 20 countries, including several Latin Americans, on Monday called on Cuba to respect civil liberties and release those detained in the July 11 unprecedented protests on the island.

United States, July 26, 2021. Detainees by exercising their right to peaceful protest. ”

We call on the Cuban government to listen to the voices and demands of the Cuban people, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

“The international community does not support the Cuban people and all those who defend the fundamental freedoms that everyone deserves.”
The other Latin American countries that signed the declaration were Guatemala and Honduras, both of which are closely aligned with US foreign policy.

Cuba recorded an unprecedented demonstration on July 11, amid a severe economic crisis on the island and a sharp rise in epidemics due to Covid 19. During the demonstration, one person was killed and dozens were injured. Police arrested more than a hundred people.

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