Encouraged by his return on the plane, Radion raises his predictions

Le groupe avait déjà révisé à la hausse ses anticipations pour 2021 à l

U.S.-based Radeon Technologies, which has been bolstered by its solidity in security operations and boosted by the recovery of the commercial aviation sector, raised its annual forecasts again on Tuesday.

The group already changed expectations for 2021 at the end of the first quarter. From April to June, his results were “Driven by the development of safety measures and the ability to be used by restarting (its) commercial aircraft“, Its CEO Greg Hayes said in a statement.

This group is sufficient as a result of the 2020 merger between Raytheon and United Technologies. “HopefullyShare is now forecasting total earnings per share of $ 95 3.95 to $ 4 per year (compared to the previous 50 3.50 to 70 3.70), and raising the base of its sales forecast range from $ 63.9 billion to $ 64.4 billion.

Overall sales will increase

In the second quarter, the company’s revenue rose 13% to $ 15.88 billion, slightly higher than analysts ($ 15.83 billion). The Collins Aerospace (avionics, information systems, etc.) and Brad & Whitney (aircraft engines) segments, which suffered a sharp decline in air traffic at the onset of the epidemic, saw their sales increase again: 8% and 23%, respectively.

The segment dedicated to communications technologies, cyber security and space grew its sales by 12%. 14% are dedicated to missiles and defense. The company returned to the green during the period, recording a net profit of $ 1.03 billion against a net loss of $ 3.84 billion a year earlier. Excluding the Wall Street flagship, reported and exceptional items per share, the revenue was 3 1.03 above the 93 coins expected by analysts. The topic was up more than 3% in the first trade of the session on the New York Stock Exchange.

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