NFL: Pierre-Oliver Lestage, “Excited More Than Emphasized”

NFL: Pierre-Oliver Lestage, "Excited More Than Emphasized"

Quebec footballer Pierre-Oliver Lestage is optimistic, but still a little stressed, preparing to take advantage of his first training camp.

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Unlike many of the athletes he has met on his footballing journey, the attacking player will begin his career with the Seahawks in the NFL, Seattle.

“This is no longer college or university, this is my first professional camp, in my case, it takes place in the best football leagues in the world. Said.

Last May, the University de Montreal Carabins product was hired by Seahawk as a free agent and participated in the club’s mini-camp. He is now in business because about 90 of the 53 players available on the list will be fighting for a spot.

“It’s very stressful to know that it will end overnight,” he said. It adds performance pressure, but I can’t wait to fight for a spot on the list. “

Not 100%

As he has not yet fully recovered from the game hernia repair operation, it will be an additional hurdle for Lestage in his quest for the NFL dream. The 23-year-old Colossus went under the knife in early June.

“I’m not 100% yet, but the rehab has gone well from the beginning,” he said, praising the work of Carabins physiotherapist Patrick Gentron.

“I still don’t know if I can train from the first day of camp [mercredi] Seahawks experts if I want to become a few more days. It will be their choice, ”Lestage said, adding that he did not think it would take long to fully restore the shape.

However, the origins of Saint-Eustace are not naive. He knew that this situation would harm him.

“This is a chance. If I miss a few exercises, I may have fewer representatives than others, which ultimately hurts me. My goal is that I can not control anything other than playing football to the best of my ability.”

Do not swell your head

Before returning to Quebec to gain strength, Lestage received harsh criticism from Seahawk’s head coach.

“I’m excited about this guy,” Pete Carroll said in May. He really focuses here and gets motivated. ”

Asked how he felt about what the famous pilot said, Lestage put things in perspective.

“I heard what he said and it was flattering. At the same time, I did not want to worry too much about it. He had met me and he would have responded about another newcomer. It was flattering, but I did not blow my head with it,” he replied maturely.

“I go to Seattle with the idea of ​​building a team, ignoring the fact that there are going to be a lot of obstacles,” Lostage continued. I am going to work hard and prove myself. There is a knife between my teeth. My mood is, I’m going to stay in Seattle and I’m going to be an NFL player. ”

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