‘Glass cleaners’ video of a teenager being killed for stealing a cell phone in Bogot

'Glass cleaners' video of a teenager being killed for stealing a cell phone in Bogot

This is the new case Insecurity of Bogota Reported it RCN News, It was said at the beginning “Can’t imagine a person being killed for stealing his cell phone.”, And when these events recur almost daily on the streets of the country’s capital.

It is located precisely on a public highway in the vicinity of Tsquuza in the western part of the city, where two criminals attacked a young man leaning against the wall of a shopping mall, and according to the news broadcast, who was chatting with his cellphone in his hand at the time.

The incident was recorded on a security camera and the pictures show the coolness with which the thieves act: when one person is directly injured several times, the other uses it. Pick up the phone.

Although the young man got up from the ground and tried to chase them, he was already seriously injured. Both men fled as cattle.

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The case was recorded last Wednesday at 5pm and thanks to the video from the cameras in the field Metropolitan Police The thieves were later found without changing their clothes.

These images are important for identifying invaders, as well as testimonies provided by other ‘window cleaners’ located in the field. This is because Authorities want to clarify whether criminals are using this street work to hide themselves and identify victims.

This is according to statistics Secretary of Defense, In the first semester of this year, there was an increase in crime reports compared to the same period in 2020 Massacres, The Robbery And this Cellphone theft Three offenses of the greatest concern.

In particular, there were 25,527 complaints for this crime in the six months of the year, while there were 45,623 cases of theft from individuals, 5,706 more than in the previous period.

This is a report on insecurity that has taken a new life in Bogot.

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