Take a look at the 7 advanced features of the Oppo Renault 6 AI camera that can create first-rate, professional portrait photos

Take a look at the 7 advanced features of the Oppo Renault 6 AI camera that can create first-rate, professional portrait photos

KOMPAS.com – Some people think of taking photos and videos Portrait Need a good expensive lens, professional lighting and a home studio.

In fact, photos and videos are what improve the results Skills With the right camera. So, forget about all the heavy and expensive equipment.

Powered by technology Artificial intelligence (AI), Oppo Reno 6 will help every photography and videography enthusiast with the ability to take photos and videos Portrait Stunning, cinematic and professional look.

Here are seven features of the Oppo Renault 6 that can be used to make photos and videos: Portrait Like a professional.

1.Catch the best page of you a Portrait With Bokeh Flare portrait

When. Oppo Comparison of photos with Bokeh Flare portrait photo feature.

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Bokeh Flair portrait Oppo Renault 6 Help me to take photos Portrait With a bokeh background it looks professional, stunning and authentic. You don’t even need to tinker Hole, Shutter speed, And ISO settings to get the right view.

Oppo’s smart algorithm cleverly separates the subject from the environment and ensures that details like hair and glass are remarkably sharp while providing a beautiful and blurry background.

Try a bokeh flare portrait at night in the city or during a beautiful backyard festival.

2. Create cinematic videos like Hollywood Director with Bokeh Flare Portrait Video

Video comparison using the Bokeh Flare portrait video feature. When. Oppo Video comparison using the Bokeh Flare portrait video feature.

Bokeh Flare has brought a portrait effect to the Oppo video feature. That way, you can get beautiful bokeh background in every video you shoot.

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For the first time in the field of videography, Oppo’s exclusive mode automatically enables thousands of calculations per second to create beautiful and stunning bokeh. Real-time.

So, forget about expensive body lenses and manual focus, because Oppo’s AI algorithm can deliver video footage like Hollywood movies.

Try the Bokeh Flair portrait video at night with urban scenes like streets, subways or night sky in the background. Taking an easy step, the Oppo Renault 6’s AI camera looks like a movie star in a second.

3. Stunning every day of the week with portrait beautification video

Comparison of video results using the Image Beauty Video feature. When. Oppo Comparison of video results using the Image Beauty Video feature.

As is well known, use Foundation And Concealer It takes a lot of effort to look right in the video. That is why, Oppo Renault 6 Comes with portrait beautification video Cosmetics Immediately on the face.

This AI-powered mode can analyze 373 facial spots in video and improve skin appearance, brighten eyes and use natural and flawless digital makeup automatically. Real-time.

It cleverly distinguishes gender and distinctive facial features, including birthmarks, and enhances the natural beauty of the video.

Portrait beautification comes with customizable settings such as increasing or decreasing video effects.

4. Record in accurate light day and night with AI highlight video

Comparison of video results using the AI ​​highlight video feature. When. Oppo Comparison of video results using the AI ​​highlight video feature.

Often, there is a problem with capturing videos with dazzling sunlight Background. The same thing is often experienced when taking videos Selfie With a clear sky Background.

Usually, photos or videos taken under these conditions will have the subject too dark or the environment too bright.

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To solve that problem, there is no need Software Video editing to fix it. This is because the Live HDR algorithm in Oppo Renault 6’s AI Highlight Video allows you to clearly display all the details and colors of the video anytime, anywhere.

You can also use this mode at night. Ultra Night Video in AI Highlight Video automatically increases the brightness of images captured under these conditions Low light. This feature allows you to capture all the details in the dark without having to change modes.

5. Get sharp photos with Flash snapshot

Photos with Flash snapshot feature. When. Oppo Photos with Flash snapshot feature.

Flash snapshot footer Oppo Renault 6 Quickly capture the moving subject with the photo capture and then automatically select the sharp one. This is thanks to Oppo’s updated image clear engine technology and blur-free algorithm.

Lightning-fast focusing speed allows you to capture every moment so you can focus on composing your shots clearly.

The Flash snapshot feature will help you when taking photos of pets, children or fast moving cars.

6. Create filters like popular photos with AI palette

AI disk display. When. Oppo AI disk display.

Photo editing is essential for photos to stand out. However, the process Editing All photos may take a while. With the AI ​​Plate on the Oppo Renault 6, youCopy-pasteMake it the best color filter for any image and a custom filter that can be used directly for all your photos.

Try using it with your favorite Instagram celebrity posts, come up with a custom filter of the same color and apply it to your photos.

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7. Stand true with the subject AI color portrait of your photo

Photo results using AI Color Portrait Camera. .Оппо Photo results using AI Color Portrait Camera.

The AI ​​color portrait camera mode on the Oppo Renault 6 can change the background of this subject to black and white. In this mode, the object stands out with distinct colors.

AI color portrait also works Real-time. So, there is no need anymore Software Complex editing. This method is great for street photography and comes with video mode.

Mode Portrait The revolutionary and AI algorithm really makes the Oppo Renault 6 a professional creative studio in your pocket.

The Oppo Renault 6 is available at the Oppo Store and e-commerce. When. Oppo The Oppo Renault 6 is available at the Oppo Store and e-commerce.

With all the features in the new AI-powered camera from Oppo Renault 6, anyone can create cinematic bokeh videos instantly and artistically. All the features of the Oppo Renault 6 are available for Rs 5,199,000.

Get various attractive offers ranging from 0% installments Money withdrawal Buy IDR 100,000 Special compilation With Oppo Enco Air or Oppo Enco Butts.

Oppo Renault 6 Already available on all Oppo Store networks in Indonesia E-commerce. For complete information about the Oppo Renault 6, visit the Oppo Indonesia website and social media.

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