“Summer is already quiet and we want it to stay that way.”

"Summer is already quiet and we want it to stay that way."

Italy has a health pass. It will be mandatory from August 6, but it will not be required to access the terraces of bars and restaurants.

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The Italian Health Pass, which fights the Covit-19 epidemic, is not forced to eat or drink on the terrace or even over the counter. On the other hand someone will be asked if you are sitting at the table inside. It is mandatory in cinemas, theaters, museums, swimming pools, sports halls and closed spaces.

This health pass will be a pledge of peace. ‚ÄúSummer is already quiet and we want it to stay that way, Mario Draghi, chairman of the Italian Council of Ministers, announces. With Health Pass, Italians can continue their activities, have fun, go to restaurants, and participate in shows both inside and outside. With a guarantee of ending up with non-infected individuals. It is a measure of giving and not taking. “

On the vaccination side, Mario Draghi is pleased to be at the level of the Germans, ahead of the French and the Americans. However, data for Thursday, July 22nd (Our world in data), Day of the Prime Minister’s Speech, Contrary to him.

But in Italy, one dose is enough to get a health pass. This does not prevent the head of government from being very clear on the matter. “Calling not to be vaccinated is a call to die: You are not vaccinated, you are getting sick and dying. Or you kill: you are not vaccinated, you are sick, and he or she is infected with a deadly infection … that’s all! “, Mario unveiled Tracy at a press conference.

For now, the health pass does not cover transportation, school or work. These issues will be resolved within the next two weeks.

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