“Atlantic Roots”, Bruno Angelini pays tribute to her United States

"Atlantic Roots", Bruno Angelini pays tribute to her United States

The pianist has released “David Spike Jim et al.”, Part of his new album that addresses the opposite culture and social struggles in the United States.

Bruno Angelini dedicates her album to drummer Eric mp Sambard and trumpet Fabrice Martinez Atlantic roots To some people he especially admires in the statesHe has long been a staunch supporter of the United and especially filmmakers. Topic to find aheadDedicated to Premier David Lynch, Spike Lee and Jim Jormush. They have all created a personal, original, sometimes intriguing, sometimes satirical, often poetic universe.“, D indicatesThe.The title is also an option for French cinema ( Vincent, Franசois, Paul and others Claude Sutted ). The video was filmed during their creative stay at Fraternelle de SaintShortly before Claude entered the studio, Rome Ducross directed:

Concerned about the state of the world, Bruno Angelini pays homage to other aspects of the anti-American movement, such as the struggle of activist Rosa Parks for an end to racial segregation; The non-cooperation of environmental activist Julia “Butterfly” Hill; Fighting of the Sitting Bull, a symbol of Sioux’s opposition. Salutations to Jack London, Jim Harrison, James Baldwin, John Steinbeck or even the musicians who moved the lines: Saxophonist Wayne Shorter himselfAnd by constantly immersing itself in different contexts; John Cage, who is passionate about all new technologies, is the creator of the music in which no noise is barred; Mers Cunningham, who brought dance to modernity. Pianist Mall Waltron also attracts attention. His solo and hypnotic play Bruno Angelini called “the master of silence”. Born on this Telluric anchor Atlantic roots.

After his plans Open country Regis Hobby, with Claude Tomitsian and Edward Perot, Last night Daniel Erdman or even Sleepless night chronicle Along with Dor Brunborg, Michael Rabia and Romain Al, Bruno Angelini continues her sound research work here as part of her artistic approach.. His writing seeks to enhance his piano or other trio’s instruments, magnified by electronic effects and additional keyboards. “Creates physical sensations in a model development space. Afro music was influenced by European musical forms with spirit and sensibilityAmerican, electrification project Atlantic roots The friction of these two aesthetics plunges into tension. All three give us a unique look at this Atlantic culture .

The Atlantic Roots album is released on August 20 under the Vision Fugitive label with 40 page archive photos.

Atlantic roots
Atlantic roots

At the concert: October 8 at the El Ermitage in Paris AJMI in Avignon on 5/11. In Moulin Jazz de Vitrolos on 19/11 20/11 at the L’Ousens Jazz Club in Lars

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