London and Paris announce that they are “strengthening” their cooperation against illegal immigration

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Both countries announced an increase in the presence of law enforcement agencies, the establishment of new surveillance technologies and investment in equipment.

On Tuesday, July 20, France and the United Kingdom agreed on a number of measures to strengthen policing on French shores, establish surveillance technologies, and promise financial investment from the British: to better fight against illegal immigration.

The British Home Office said the move was announced as at least 430 immigrants crossed the Channel on Monday to reach the United Kingdom. In addition, this week British MPs are considering a bill to tighten their asylum system.

Twice police forces were used

British and French Interior Ministers Preity Patel and Gerald Durman met on Tuesday evening via video conference. According to a joint statement, theyAgreed to strengthen their joint action and cooperation in combating illegal immigration across their common border, focusing on their efforts in the event of crossing the sea using makeshift boats.

They decided “Strengthen the presence of police on the French coast by doubling the number of police and genders stationed at the site.“.They”.Deploy surveillance technologies and vehicles to further improve the coverage of French beaches, thus preventing crossing efforts, especially through the development of aerial surveillance.

62.7 million euro investment

The announcement further stated “Investment in equipment to strengthen border security at the level of major transport infrastructure on Channel Beach», To fight against illegal immigration by road. “UK pledges .7 62.7 million financial investment in 2021-22 to support FranceDevelop mechanisms to combat irregular immigration, this collective declaration refers to. This text stimulates the establishment, “For a long time“, எ”Smart border“On the coast, with surveillance technology”To better discover the efforts of the passage.

United Kingdom and France “Support the idea of ​​a restructuring agreement between the UK and the EU, which will have mutual benefits in preventing illegal immigration, protecting vulnerable people and fighting criminal organizations.. «The southern frontiers face unprecedented immigration flows“, France”It underscores its firm commitment to improving control of all its borders.

British MPs are debating the asylum reform bill this week. He plans to increase the prison sentence for immigrants who want to enter the country illegally and enjoy life imprisonment from six months to four years – from the current 14 years in prison – to a maximum of kidnappers.

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