“If I were a locker, I would consider trading Anthony Davis for him.”

"If I were a locker, I would consider trading Anthony Davis for him."

Despite the disappointing season, the Lakers are eager to buy the services of a new superstar. For that, however, it may be necessary to acknowledge the sacrifices. According to a famous analyst, Angelinos should definitely consider tracking Anthony Davis to a great player!

If he had 55 points in 2020-21 and 10 assists in the playoffs, Damien Lillard could not have prevented the Blazers from eliminating the advance. Again, the adventure ended in the first lap for the leader. Many of the time? However, this is now quoted in all trade rumors, and the footage stops accumulating …

In this regard, Stephen A. Smith was particularly distinguished by a crazy plan … Internet users did not miss killing him for this. Nevertheless, the analyst ESPN In the set of the show, the day is overflowing with ideas First tag. He also suggested a terrible blockbuster trade with the lockers, which would drop a key element in Portland!

I will also consider relocating Anthony Davis Los Angeles Lakers will get Damien Lillard with Lemiran James because Anthony Davis has missed too many games or too many games this season because Damien Lillard has missed his entire life. If I were in Portland, I would consider it Los Angeles Lakers.

If he still angers some people with this plan, Smith raises an interesting point: Davis’ health. Without half of the season, two of Los Angeles’ six playoff games will be played in AD. This is nothing new because the interior has accumulated physical flaws since he came to the league … so we may have legitimate questions about its credibility.

For Lillard, this is the complete opposite. He finished just two seasons below 73 games, both of which were shortened (2019-20 and 2020-21). Suffice it to say that the boy is iron healthy, avoiding major injury. If we know it LeBron James The body begins to show signs of fatigue, which is not a small factor …

Lillard vs. Davis? According to Smith, this should be a good move for the lockers. But after all the trouble they took to get The Pro, it still seems impossible …

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