Democrat Congressman marks Bezos suburban flight with SPACE TOURISM tax calls – RT USA News

Democrat Congressman marks Bezos suburban flight with SPACE TOURISM tax calls - RT USA News

While some viewers may have wondered at the miracle of the billionaire flying in space, Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos’ suburban business in the U.S. Delegate Earl Bloomener (D-Oregon) was prompted to ask for taxation on these trips.

“Space exploration is not a tax-free holiday for the rich” Bloomer, a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, said in a statement Tuesday.

Just as ordinary Americans pay taxes when they buy air tickets, so do the millionaires who fly in space to produce anything of scientific value, and so on.

Blumenur’s report came shortly before Bezos and the three passengers took part in the first-person space flight from the billionaire rocket company Blue Origin. The team landed in West Texas after briefly floating in space. Nine days ago, fellow billionaire Richard Branson performed a similar sub-flight from his aerospace company Virgin Galactic.

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The tax proposed by the Oregon politician he calls in the bill on the Protection against Carbon Emissions (SPACE) tax law seems to be synonymous with a general democratic strategy to exploit class tensions. Bezos and Branson, the world’s richest men, have previously been criticized for using their wealth to fly in space rather than investing to help people. When the Amazon founder returned to Earth to thank employees and customers, he provoked even more critics: “You paid for it all. “

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If space tourism is as important as predicted by Franசன்ois, Bezos and fellow billionaire rocket entrepreneur Elon Musk, Blumenur’s plan could be a major source of government revenue.

The Congressman has clearly thought about this matter. While air Atlantic planes have a carbon track similar to suburban travel, space launchers generate 60 times more emissions per passenger. Numbers can be added when viewing the Virgin Galactic to send tourists into space once every 32 hours.

The new line will be used for one passenger and will vary based on height, Blumenewar said. Planes flying more than 80 miles above the Earth’s surface, such as suburban travel enjoyed by the Bezos on Tuesday, will be heavily taxed.

NASA aircraft for scientific research will be exempt from tax. In cases where some travelers work on behalf of NASA for scientific advancement, the tax will be levied only on travelers coming for a ride.

“Things created for tourism or entertainment only and not for scientific purposes should support the public good”, This Blumenor.

Members of Congress have also begun to think about regulating space tourism for reasons of public safety and aviation, but have banned such regulation until 2023 to promote innovation.

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