“Pig”: He loves his pig

"Pig": He loves his pig

Michael Samosky’s first film by American director, Pig He first scored the points for the originality of his story: played by Nicola Gage, a black food hunter who lives as a monk in the jungles of Oregon, whose precious co-worker the pig is stolen. Thus Shaggy and the naughty Robin (cage, not the pig!) Track down the criminals to Portland, where this former star of regional hot cuisine will have to confront his old demons.

An interesting, but captivating film, it begins as a “cooking” thriller and turns into a psychological drama. In the paper, the prototype of the stolen pig seemed to laugh, and with the inappropriate Nicola Cage in the title role, it was unclear what to expect from the job. Now, more precisely, in the first third of the film, the director is having fun with our sense of anticipation, introducing us into a wild, humorous thriller set in the undoubtedly underground universe of Portland-la.Cold.

With a beard, unblemished and swollen face, the character played by Cage seems to follow in the footsteps of hitman John Wick, in the first film of the same name (2014), his dog provoked by the need for bloody revenge against the killers. Which Nicholas Cage, an actor, experienced in action films, are we going to see on screen again? To our surprise, we find a compact, moving and thoughtful version of the actor. Without up to its performance in Leaving Las Vegas (1994, won the Oscar for Best Actor) or Adaptation (2002), Cage contrasts well with the frantic blockbuster actor National treasure(2004) or The Wicker Man (2006), to name only the works that have turned him into a meme factory in recent years …

In fact, Cage is playing calmly because his lines are well calculated and often restrain himself from telling his intermediaries. ” I want my pig Again (“I want to get my pig back”). His character Robin has cut himself off from the civilization of a broken man, and one of his clients, Aamir (played by Alex Wolf), is only a young entrepreneur in the restaurant business trying to make his place in his shadow. Powerful father who controls the best table in Portland.

Amir, a comfortable city dweller, helps Robin find his pig. Everything other than good food is set against each other, the young man in his clean suit and sports car, the hunter of shredded groceries – Robin will create some fun situations throughout the film when he returns to civilization. Together, they form a mismatched pair, with actor Alex Wolf adding his character to a tough cage.

From a thriller, the film – an original story written by Samoski and Vanessa Black – turns into a psychological drama because the couple goes on the path to crime. Every encounter between Robin and an old friend raises old wounds and begs the question – especially memorable with the chef at one of Portland’s most popular restaurants. Nicholas Cage’s game is at its peak, expressing a dull rage that pierces the screen with a sadness.

Michael Samoski slowly uses his lens, showing his vast shots at the beginning of the film before showing the frightening and almost unnatural fog, green, gray and orange fall wildlife of Oregon behind Portland. An excerpt from the film. Then, the dialogue scenes will be shown with a humility that echoes Robin’s self-deprecating personality, revealing the painful past that led to his voluntary deportation. Although some of his scenes are very unexpected, they are unbelievable (especially when he comes to Portland), Pig It turns out to be a touching and captivating film because it is so unique.



Michael Samosky’s Thriller. With Nicholas Cage, Alex Wolf, Adam Orkin, Nina Belborde. USA, 2021, 92 minutes. Indoors.

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