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There is a lot of interesting news about the new top Huawei P50 smartphone from the range of Chinese electronics multinational. The first thing to know is that the presentation date has been made official in the last few hours, which will take place in a few days, precisely on the 29th of this month.

Hawaii P50 Photo Leak (Weibo)
Hawaii P50 Photos Leaked: Here it is! (Weibo)

The manufacturer was contacted by a message that appeared on Weibo, one of the most popular social networks in some parts of Beijing, with reference to When it comes to new primary product, Without specifying what it is. The message came from Richard Yu, CEO of Hawaii, who again announced that a product would soon be offered through the Chinese social network. It can even redefine the quality of mobile photography. So, the mysterious product in question is precisely the Huawei P50 in its standard version Pro and Pro Plus, which is out of range.

Huawei P50, here it is in preview (Photo Weibo)
Huawei P50, here it is in preview: Photos Leaked (Photo Weibo)

Huawei P50, Links and Series News: What Do We Know?

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As if to confirm this, it always happened during these hours when the Shenzhen company’s Floxip family really existed Revealed with a series of photo leaks Spreads on the web. Some details similar to the first live pictures of the same mobile devices have also appeared on Weibo, in particular we will see Phone from behind Very bright and beautiful above all in two different colors (you can see in the photos posted here).

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On an aesthetic level, if improvements are confirmed, the new phone will appear in line with the designs that have appeared on the web in recent weeks, while rumors at the photographic level Terrible sensor, Sony IMX800, First off first An inch Designed for use on mobile devices, but may only be available in both Pro and Pro Plus versions. If limited shares are given SoC Green 9000, Hawaii acceptance is also not excluded Two different chips, Read the Snapdragon 888 for the base model and the Girin 9000 for the Pro. Operating system The new model will accept HarmonyOS 2.0, OS commitment or actual replacement to be compatible with various services provided by Google. We will answer all questions in a few days.

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