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The Walking Dead : qui est le vrai coupable que la saison 11 soit la dernière

The Walking Dead: Who is the real culprit who will be the last in Season 11?

The Walking Dead fans have integrated a little bit of a reality that made it impossible to consider how long the series was until a few years ago and how it will end in the 11th season. But here, AMC has finally revealed that we will see a conclusion in the next chapter.

That is a fact, The Walking Dead, An adaptation of the 10-season adaptation of the comic strip of the same name produced by the American television channel AMC, announced its climax at the end of last year with the eleventh Opus. The iconic zombie apocalypse story production brings to an end one of the most important global events of the last decade.

Fans understand that the Walking Dead has been canceled

Faced with this announcement, millions of people around the world faced the news in their own way with its most loyal fans, its producers and actors. The biggest consolation is that its closure is not complete, mainly for two reasons. The first is that season 11 The Walking Dead It splits 24 episodes into three episodes, each with 8 episodes, which will begin airing on August 22nd, meaning the results will be good in 2022 or even early 2023.

The second reason is that even though the original series is over, there is still a lot to enjoy in The Zombie Universe of The Walking Dead, taking into account that there are still spinoff series like this. Fear the living and the dead, The Walking Dead: Beyond the World (Although it has already been announced that it will end in its next second season), movies Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), new spin-off Carol (Melissa McBride) Yes Daryl (Norman Reeds), and of course many others.

Despite being one of the most successful productions in recent times, it is true that the decision to cancel the original series was made because more and more viewers are joining it and TV la TV shows are getting more expensive over time as long as there are millions. Sustainable production costs.

The Walking Dead screenwriter, Scott M. Kimble, He explained in several interviews he participated in, when asked about the future of the rights after hearing the news that the program was canceled, he noted where the series decided to end with its season 11:

“You know about ending a series that was too much on the side of AMC’s equation … because there’s still a lot of history to share.”

“It came out of discussions with the AMC that they eventually made that decision, frankly. Then (The Walking Dead Shoraner) Angela Kong and I thought about it, I don’t know, it’s incredibly heavy.”

“I mean, even with all of these Walking Dead things in front of us, even from a lot of the people we work with, I really hope it’s one way or the other with most people. I don’t know, though. It’s incredibly heavy.”

The creative decision to step away from the adaptation of the comic book story also played out against the wear and tear of the series, which came back again after the fifth season. This had an impact on audience records, which, despite their highs, continued to decline with the seasons. In addition, you have to take into account the unexpected twists and turns of its cast, including its protagonist Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes.

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