Scientists say the Great Barrier Reef outlook is “very bad”

Scientists say the Great Barrier Reef outlook is "very bad"

However, the Australian Institute of Marine Science explained that this unique ecosystem seems to have recovered somewhat over the course of the year.

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There are future opportunities “Too bad” Scientists from the Australian Government announced The Great Barrier Reef on Monday 19 July. According to the results of experts, this unique environment seems to have recovered somewhat last year.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science has explained that coral reefs are currently in the process of recovering after a decade of stressful events for the entire system due to the effects of water warming and hurricanes. But these moments are increasingly rare due to global warming, explain In their annual report (In English) Scientists at this government agency have been observing the health status of the Great Barrier for 35 years.

UNESCO released the recommendations of its Experts and Advisory Committees in June, which recommended that the World Heritage Site, which was engraved in 1981, be placed on the list of sites. “In danger” Due to its degradation. It is linked to a series of coral bleaching episodes as a result of climate change.

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