Is jazz movement expected? | NBA

Is jazz movement expected?  |  NBA

If Jazz missed out on a golden opportunity to reach the final for the third time in its history, why not win its first NBA title?

The dismissals of LeBron James and the Lockers in the first round were not possible due to injuries to Jamal Murray and Kavi Leonard or the absence of Stephen Curry and the Warriors in the playoffs.

With its status as the best team in the league in the regular season (52 wins – 20 defeats), Utah seemed to be ready to win at least the final of its first conference since 2007. Besides, without Cavi Leonard from Game 5, Paul George’s Clippers managed to beat Salt Lake City to take a 2-0 lead in the semi – finals of the conference.

Within a year of Orlando’s “bubble” and a 3-1 lead against the Nuggets, the Jazz had burst into the playoffs again. The Queen Snyder’s men valued their status as the league’s second best team in the regular season, although everything seemed to be in the right place to compete for a place in the final against the Suns.

So, with this mix coming out of fiscal year 2020/21, Utah’s leaders may have to shake things up this summer.

The unstoppable Conley-Mitchell-Cobert trio?

about that, Action Network Reports Precisely Derrick Favres is likely to pack his bags in the coming days. Appreciated by all Mormon lockers, especially Rudy Coubert, the 30-year-old signed a three-year contract worth $ 29 million in the fall of 2020, failing to pay the size of its game (an average of 3.4 points and 4.2 rebounds over 13 games in 13 minutes) in the playoffs.

But that’s not all: with the exception of Derrick Fowers, Jazz would like to part ways with their winger Bojan Boktanovic and Joe Inks, during an opportunity that could significantly strengthen Salt Lake City’s staff. Players are certainly required to spin their claim, but not all-star talent, at 30 (32 years for Bojan Boktanovic, 33 years for Joe Ingles).

What is certain is that the leaders of Utah are rounding up their duo Donovan Mitchell – Rudy Cobert and aspiring to win the first Larry O’Brien trophy in their history. The summer heat file in Salt Lake City begins with the re-signing of Mike Conley as the 33-year-old All-Star Point guard comes out of contract.

However, will members of Jazz’s “front office” decide to destroy a team that won 72% of its games in the regular season? Nothing is less certain. Especially if it does not provide any real added value to this solid list that can be upgraded to an even higher level.

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