Great opportunities for French medals

Great opportunities for French medals

Will France manage to do better than it was five years ago? During the 2016 Rio Olympics, the French delegates collected 42 medals, rising to 7th in the rankings. Adventure for French athletes.

378 athletes will represent France for more than two weeks. By analyzing the results of athletes from the last Olympics, the American company Cresanode Gave his predictions for the upcoming games. According to him, France will win 41 awards including 9 gold. Less than a medal and title 2016.

Among the greatest French beliefs, we logically see athletes who were already able to stand alone in Rio. Charlene Beacon, Won a gold medal at Windsorfing in 2016 and was crowned European Champion in his discipline in March 2021, a serious candidate for his own successor. Kevin Meyer He won the silver medal in the Decathlon five years ago and now holds the world record in his discipline with a performance of 9,126 points recorded in 2018.

A challenge for Rainer and Lavilleni

There will be some well-known faces of the French game, but with uncertain medal chances. Won in 2012 and 2016, Judoka Teddy Rainer Will continue to try to sign on for a third win. The last years of the French champion were marked by rest, some physical problems and reduced overall activity. In February 2020, He lost for the first time in 154 fights. His last match ended in victory at the Doha Masters.

Renat Laville He will try to regain his gold medal, winning in London and then losing in Rio, where he had to settle for second place. The test promises to be tough. To recover well from the ankle injury, Polar Walter will leave for Tokyo on July 22 instead of July 21. We will have to do better than a young Swedish pole vault star Armond Duplandis who broke the Frenchman’s record in February 2020, a week later at 6.17m and 6.18m.

A complex product for football players

As for team games, French beliefs are low. Yes The French men’s soccer team returns to the Olympics for the first time since 1996, Success is hard to imagine. Coach Sylvain Ripoll has faced a number of clubs refusing to release their players for matches, so he comes up with a smaller team. Two former Marseille residents now living in Mexico, Florian Tavin and Andre-Pierre Kignok, will try to present their experience in a difficult environment.

The French handball, which won gold for men and silver for women in 2016, remains an important hope for medals. In basketball, female players try to grab the podium after finishing fourth in the last match. The men’s team, which can trust all three of the American stars, including Rudy Cobert, Evan Fornier and Nicola Bottom, will have to do a lot in Rio, where they were severely beaten by Spain in the quarterfinals (92-67).

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