American Caleb Laundry Jones won the Best Actor award

American Caleb Laundry Jones won the Best Actor award

American Caleb Laundry Jones won the Male Demonstration Award at the end of the 74th Cannes Film Festival on Saturday. Nitram, Where he plays a borderline young man who is about to commit one of the worst murders in Australian history. “I moved so much, thank you, shit,” he replied, drowning in emotion.

The film offers a dive into the killer’s head, he plays brilliantly: Martin Bryant, sentenced to life. “I read a lot about this period, I listened to and watched Australian TV to try to understand this culture,” he told AFP.

Image of independent American cinema

Texas-born Caleb Laundry Jones made his debut at the age of 13 in a minor role in the film Goen Brothers No this country is not for the elderly (2007), which won 4 Oscars. Since then, he has established himself as a staunch racer in American independent cinema, starring in supporting roles marked by their ambiguity: hyper-sensitive junkie Heaven knows what (2014) Safty Brothers, Toxic Male in Third Season Double peaks (2017) or gas station employee The dead do not die, Jim Jormush (2019).

A career as a musician

His career took a major turn when he appeared in three Oscar-nominated independent films in 2017: Florida Project De Sean Baker, go out Presented by Jordan Peale, and Three billboards: Angry groups, Martin McDonough Caleb. Laundry Jones also has a career in music and has released a solo album, Thai stone, A pop disk with intricate arrangements under the influence of the Beatles, during epidemics in 2020.

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