NFL star Travis Gels conspires with team players and fans over how his name is actually pronounced

NFL star Travis Gels conspires with team players and fans over how his name is actually pronounced

Travis Kells is the star-studded finalist for the Kansas City Chiefs in his eight seasons in the NFL

Only if we can pronounce it correctly.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kells says his last name is pronounced “Kells”, but not “Kell-bar” as everyone has been saying for years. Justin Edmunds / Getty Images

According to that person, we have all misunderstood his last name since he joined the league in 2013.

The 31-year-old Kells, Kansas City Chiefs fans and team, threw the star quarterback ball at him, his last name pronounced “Kells-Sea” not “Kells-Sea” because it has been pronounced on every Chiefs’ game broadcast for almost a decade.

“You learn something new every day,” said Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Tweeted “My real name is ‘Gels’, so I’m rolling with punches,” Gells said in response to a Porsche Sports video released by the podcast host. “

“So I mispronounced his name this time,” the chiefs ‘broad receiver Dyrik Hill responded to Mahomes’ tweet.

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“You said the right man, I’m talking about both … one is my real name and the other is a nickname,” Gells replied.

Gels also appeared to confirm this Re-tweet Fox 4 Kansas City game presenter Harold R. A tweet from Kundz featured a video before the 2020 AFC Championship game in which Kells says his name is pronounced “Kells”.

Chiefs defender Chris Jones apologizes, Twitter “I was always called Travis Gells (Y). My excuse eltkelce«

“Not at all … you can continue to call me,” Gells replied.

NFL fans couldn’t figure it out either.

“Wait, what !? Please tell me this is a joke! I can totally watch this being made into a joke! My mind is blunted if this is true!” Tweeted.

“So we mispronounced Travis Kells’ name the whole time ???? Focus on Professional Professional Football Tweeted.

It’s hard to say whether Kells is serious or having fun with people. Kayla Nicole, the girlfriend of model and YouTube star Kells, did not put on weight.

If this is indeed the case, there is no word yet from Kells’ older brother, Jason Kells, 33, of the Philadelphia Eagles Center.

Elder Gells has not tweeted since 2016 and says on his Instagram bio that he hates Instagram and “and all the social media associated with it”, so it may take a while to get a response. Fans took to the archives to see Jason Gells pronounce his last name “Kell-Sea” Links to 2011 NFL video.

With 105 passes for 1,416 yards and 11 touchdowns to help Kansas City reach their second Super Bowl, the head fans can say just as much as Gells wants as long as he continues to deliver seasons like last year.

He asked Alicia Silverstone and other celebrities “Wait, how do you pronounce their name?” Pantheon.

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