“This catastrophe is a direct result of the infamous advice that allowed us to destroy our quality of life.”

"This catastrophe is a direct result of the infamous advice that allowed us to destroy our quality of life."

Guitarist QueenThe ground floor of his house in London was flooded by sewage. His “precious” family photos and memories of the famous band sank into the “stinking soil”.

In videos posted on his social networks, the guitarist gave a tour of the basement of his house, showing the damage caused. “Wonderful”, Can we hear him murmur at one point, “Everything is fine, when you think you can face life at last …”.

He added: “I was devastated – these things were just ‘things’ – and when the film faded I felt like I was going back to the future – I feel like my past was destroyed.”

Anger of Brian May

“It’s disgusting, really heartbreaking. It’s like we invaded and were ravaged.”. He vented his anger on his Metropolitan Conservative Council, saying he ignored warnings about possible side effects of granting building permits to residents. “Selfishness” Wanting to create basement extensions. Council of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea “Responsible for all the tragedies happening in my district this evening”.

“This catastrophe was a direct result of the infamous RBKC, which allowed us to destroy our quality of life. The same people who brutally allowed the Grenfell Tower to be plastered, and thus many lives were lost. The same people – despite opposition from almost the entire population of Kensington. ”

“The same advice has allowed selfish bastards to lay the foundations and destroy the lives of residents by destroying noise, pollution and our habitat for years. Unified. RBKC is called one of the most corrupt and indifferent borough councils in the UK. I am responsible for all the tragedies that happen around me tonight. This. ”

Council spokesman Brian May denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

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A spokesman said: “After the heavy rain there was flash flooding in some parts of London.

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Brian May’s post:

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