MLP | The son of Vladimir Guerrero shines in the All-Star game

MLP |  The son of Vladimir Guerrero shines in the All-Star game

(Denver) All eyes were on Shoaib Othani, but Vladimir Guerrero Jr. used it too.

Ronald Plum
The Canadian Press

Othani went through his fastball at 100 miles per hour, dropping a 468-foot-long ball from Guerrero’s home plate, defeating National 5-2 in the Major Baseball All-Star Game on Tuesday night.

From the start of the match, Othani, who was proud to be the first All-Star to hold two positions, attracted attention – fans and players from both teams. He was right on the field, signed on for the win, and was called up with two foot downs.

Jordan Walsh, Ottani’s teammate with Los Angeles Angels, recorded a recovery with his glove. He slipped to catch Chris Bryant’s arrow as the mattresses were all occupied in the eighth inning.

Mike Junino also scored a home run for the Americans, his eighth win in a classic match in the middle of the season. The Americans are now 46-43-2 in this series.

J.D. Realmudo scored four goals for the nationals.

At the age of 27 and in his fourth season in the Majors, Othani shined. He leads both leagues with 33 homers and starts as a pitcher 4-1 at 13. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“It was a great, memorable experience,” Othani said. Apparently I haven’t played in the playoffs or the World Series yet, so when I get there, it will definitely surpass this moment. But it was unforgettable. ”

In Monday’s home run match, Othani hit the ball 513 feet from the home plate and sent it to Nolan Arinado at 100.2 mph on Tuesday.

“He’s as good as I expected,” Arinado said.

Major League Baseball made the event even better, allowing Othani to remain on the line as a designated hitter after being transformed into a pitcher.

Ohani combined his efforts with Lance Lynn, Kyle Gibson, Nathan Evalti, Gregory Soto, Chris Posit, Andrew Kidridge, Matt Barnes and Liam Hendricks to give the national stars only eight wins.

Hendrix got the save, which helped him make a lucky jump, which turned an awkward pitch out in the second inning.

National hitters have been out 12 times, while American hitters have been out only three times.

The American has won 20 of 23 All-Star games, one of which ended with a dive.

Guerrero’s slap in the third inning came at the expense of Corbyn Burns. This is the longest all-star home run since 2015, when strikes began to be measured by the Stotcast calculator.

Guerrero is round 200e All-Star Game History and Toronto Blue Jazz First Paceman followed in the footsteps of his father Vladimir, who hit a long ball against Brad Penny at the 2006 All-Star Game.

Bobby Ponds (1973) and Barry Ponds (1998) and Ken Griffith Sr. (1980) and Ken Griffith Sr. (1992) are the only father-son twins to have created a Homer in the All-Star game.

Guerrero added a pound to the Reserve Bank in the fifth inning. His work evening allowed him to lend a hand on the title of Most Valuable Player.

When Ted Williams won the trophy, Guerrero said, “Dad, this trophy is for you.”

Xander Bogaerts and Marcus Semien, thanks to a point, completed the score for the Americans.

Realmudo hit his long ball against Gregory Soto in the fifth inning. Philadelphia Bliss’ first All-Star game since Mike Schmidt in 1981 slapped his 430 feet.

Junino’s long ball traveled 433 feet against the Taiwanese walker in the sixth inning.

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