Custom Bobbleheads as Cake Toppers

Bobbleheads is becoming more and more popular. These have evolved from clay figurines to high quality, durable dolls that can be customized to your liking.

It’s hard to get tired of looking at the bobblehead as you can put it anywhere including the head-shaped bun.

This bobblehead Cake topper is a great fun idea for your big day. This stylish and funny custom doll is a great way to remember your special day for years to come.

Bobblehead cake toppers are definitely one of the important parts of any party. If you want to design your own cake topper, custom bobblehead cake toppers should be another great choice for you. You can submit the images to and they will make one as you like. You are sure to choose your favourite.

With the best quality and shape, their cake toppers will add fun and charm to your special occasion. Picking your favorite topping here for your friends and family is an excellent idea. Receiving such a gift should be a great surprise and pleasure for them.

The cake topper can be placed on the cake at the wedding party and as mom on your room table after the wedding.

Bobbleheads for wedding cake toppers

Traditional wedding cake toppers were classic figurines symbolizing the bride and groom. They are crafted from icing sugar, wax, porcelain or wood. These cake toppers were more symbolic than the couple’s actual resemblance.

The moment was blessed with bells and flowers to celebrate the pair. Modern weddings are beginning to have funky themes to encourage cake toppers to adapt to the more realistic bride and groom.

It is possible to have a cake topper with a theme based on the couple’s memories, passion or personality.

For fun-loving couples, custom groomsmen are a good choice today. They are so versatile to allow creating totally elegant and adorable decor and memories on your wedding cake.

A reputable company can customize the cake topper to the smallest detail making it perfect to match your big day. You can choose two figurines that look like the bride and groom, fully equipped with the props and clothing of your choice.

Customizing a bobblehead topper

Most people stick to the regular style big head cake topper, however, there are endless possibilities to customize your own topping. Options include a funny top, a mini top when you have a smaller cake, or a classic top.

You can customize everything and the top base. In addition, you can include props, vehicles, pets, a Christmas tree, a palm tree or neon signs in the photo.

You can be modeled in different situations or when you participate in different activities. They can be made standing next to each other, dancing, the groom holding the bride, or in a convertible beetle.

For an accurate depiction, accessories such as jewelry, hats, glasses, shoes and clothes are selected for the bobblehead. You can also include the whole family bobblehead as a wedding cake topper.

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