Aline, a film about Celine Dion and Quebec actors in Cannes

Aline, a film about Celine Dion and Quebec actors in Cannes

It was in Celine Dion’s songs that Valerie Lemercier, who plays Celine Dion, changed her name to Aline Dew in her film, and Quebec actors climbed the famous steps of the Boyce des Festival in Cannes.

Thus, the filmmaker and Diva’s unconditional fan, Sylvain Marcel, played the roles of Daniel Pichat and Rock LaForden in the roles of Rene Angle, Pascal Desrochers and Menon and Papa Dew in Aline Dew.

A serious experience for Sylvain Marcel

On Wednesday, Sylvain Marcel struggled even more to recover from the emotions of the previous day. I wore long shirts to stop pinching myself because I had a lot of injuries, He told Maxim Koutick and Claudia Hebert in an interview on the show All morning.

It is the dream of any actor to climb these steps in Cannes.

An excerpt from:Sylvain Marcel, actor

The latter was marked by the wall of photographers who built him, the vastness of the room and the 27m screen on which he saw himself. It makes big faces, he said. It was going to take me a few days before I could swallow it all.

A woman kisses a man on the cheek.

Valerie Lemarcier kisses Sylvain Marshall during a photo shoot at the Cannes Film Festival.

Photo: via Getty Images / Valerie Hatch

Valerie Lemercier’s surprise and delight

This sentiment was also present at the meeting for Valerie Lemercier, who was surprised to be invited by the festival to present her Franco-Quebec film.

I always thought Cannes was not for me, not for jokes, He explained from Crochet All morning.

I was delighted to be invited by my producer to please my new family with my three sisters from Quebec. Because it is very moving [Aline] This is a film about family.

The director was delighted to see his cast and crew from Quebec starring in this film as a tribute to Celine Dion.

I am lucky to have extraordinary actors. I weigh my words. I have rarely seen so many involved people, so much less on their cell phones. It was awesome to play with them.

An excerpt from:Valerie Lemercier, director and actress

Quebec pronunciation of Valerie Lemercier

The announcement and release of the trailer for a strong but loose production of a film inspired by the life of Valerie Lemercier’s Celine Dion was greeted with suspicion in Quebec. There are a few more impressions of me, Observed the actress.

The director and actress are aware of the limitations of the Quebec accent he took to explain Alain Dew.

You will definitely find out – you’re right, it hit me yesterday – my pronunciation is not correct. I wanted more than sin.

An excerpt from:Valerie Lemercier, director and actress

Very positive feedback

Picture Alain Has been well received by critics. Applause was fed at the end of the screening, and if tears came to the eyes of the members of the audience, step Variety, Has mixed reviews of this American magazine that specializes in cinema.

Qualification Alain Picture Superficial And பன்னீர், He believes that feature film It is very satisfying to see people adjusting their expectations accordingly.

On Tuesday, Valerie Lemercier explained in an interview Variety That scriptAlain Celine Dion was read and approved by the French manager, but the star of the song did not see the picture.

French media First, Specializing in cinema, saw Alain Announcement of love, a cold letter sent by a Midnight was accepted to his idol.

Others take the stage of a transformational corporate disguised as Thalida, Sylvie Verton or Mylane Farmer, where Lemercier says Aline / Celine, where fertility, delusion and pure devotion come together. She covers it with a smile on her face, yes, but never joking or contradictory.

First Further underscores Fantastic bunch of Canadian actors Who comes with Valerie Lemercier on screen.

As for the French press L’Ops, Despite the length of the film and the high number of concert scenes to his liking, he enjoyed the film as a whole.

Sorting there […] His first teasing portrait view amidst the first degree and chembe-style detail humor of a photo-novel aided by the wonderful cast of Quebec actors., He said of Valerie Lemarcier’s realization.

Alain It will be released in Quebec theaters on November 26th.

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