200 small houses will be built for the homeless

200 small houses will be built for the homeless

To provide a better restoration solution for the homeless, the Salvation Army in London has decided to launch a large and ambitious project to build mini-houses.

To bring these small things together, the charity has partnered with the Citizen UK organization and property developer Hill Group Housing It offers a certain comfort.

The latter has a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, but also a bedroom.

Photo credit: Salvation Army

Mini homes to build homes for the homeless in London, the Salvation Army’s ambitious project

Despite being small, these mini-houses are highly organized and benefit from optimal space, but also from a system that promotes energy savings.

Operating costs should not exceed 6 euros per week.

Photo credit: Salvation Army

Photo credit: Salvation Army

The first model was unveiled on June 28, 2021 at the Historic Center in the British capital, next to Westminster Abbey.

Photo credit: Salvation Army

Photo credit: Salvation Army

The Salvation Army does not want to stop there because it plans to build a further 199 Homeless Sleep warm.

However, for the project to be successful, the association must obtain the necessary building permits from the Municipality of London.

« We need the government and local authorities to issue a building permit for housing, especially since ministers have missed the goal of providing housing for people who have been sleeping around. ”, Cadre Drew McCombe of the Salvation Army announced.

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