Cinema: The Origin of the Wiki Cripps

Cinema: The Origin of the Wiki Cripps


Cannes Airport (AFP)

Directors around the world are having a hard time: Luxembourg actress Vicky Cripps, 37, has become one of the most popular faces in the run-up to the Palm D’Or on the “Bergman Island” bill. Sought contemporary cinema.

“This girl is a dream … it was very hard to work with her (laughs) … No, I’m definitely playing! Vicky, she’s a very special person,” he assured AFP. British actor Tim Roth, whom he plays in “Bergman Island”.

“She’s nobody, her name has imposed itself on me,” the film’s director, French Mia Hansen Love, concludes by praising an actress for “bright, excellent simplicity and brilliance.”

Proud harbor, childish soil and sincere smile, the Luxembourg actress now living in Berlin, the rising star of world cinema, underlined at the beginning of June by Thierry Fremax, general representative of the Cannes Film Festival.

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In addition to the lead roles in two films selected in Cannes, one is in competition (“Bergman Island”, which will be released in theaters in France on Wednesday), and the other is Matthew Amalrique (“Serrei-Moi Castle”), which is scheduled to release in July. He is also the actor in the Hollywood movie “Old” written by Knight Shyamalan.

– Dazzling rise –

Born in Luxembourg to a German mother and a Luxembourg father, he played minor roles in European productions for ten years – similar to the Belgian play “Elle Ne Blur Boss, Elle Sante” (2011) by Philip de Pierbont or “Qui Else” by Andrews Wheel ) – Before experiencing a meteor shower for the film “Phantom Thread” (2017) written by American Paul Thomas Anderson, there he shared a poster featuring three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

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An “crazy” experience marked her deeply: “For a long time, I had trouble accepting that I made this film and suddenly people were talking about me and my work. It took time to digest and accept it,” he told AFP.

Since then, the actress, who trained at the University of Fine Crafts in Zurich, has been overwhelmed by the demands of Hollywood. Not yet comfortable with her ugliness and her status as a rising star, she chooses her characters carefully, allowing herself to be carried away by her own tastes and desires.

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Like working with Mia Hanson-Love: “I saw his film ‘The Father of My Children’ (2009) at a very young age. I remember when I left the cinema, I completely fell because for the first time, I saw the direction and work of the director. So I immediately said yes when I got the email from him. “

The film, directed by one or two directors who seek inspiration on the island of Farrell, skillfully blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality, pushing Vicky Cripps’ character into many parallel realities.

“Very personal project”, which allowed her to adopt her own “multi-dimensional identity”: both mother and actress. “I have always believed in the order of chaos, considering that it is so simple to live with this chaos,” he insists. “Creating this image that my character discovered as an artist helped me find mine.”

Polyclotte, he is able to play in French, English, German and Luxembourg. “It is natural for me to speak many languages ​​because I speak many languages ​​and for me, language is only a vehicle to go somewhere,” he says.

When asked about her vision of feminism, the actress replied that she has always refused to fall into the trap of unconsciousness on screen and in the media “with conscience”. “Feminism is who we really are.”

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