Recent London Floods: Biblical Flash Flood Destroys Capital After Euro 2020 Disaster | UK

London: Heavy rains cause flooding in Putni

Emergency services rushed to Raines Park as several vehicles were trapped in rising water. London firefighters have received more than 150 calls for flooding in southwest London. Heavy flooding has also hit roads near the Westfield London Shopping Center in the west of the city. Roads in Hampstead, near central London, were also flooded. Many took to Twitter to share photos and videos of the incredible scenes.

Someone posted the photo and wrote: “God must be English.

“She was crying a lot when she got home earlier.

Another person posted a video on Twitter showing roads being submerged by several inches of water.

They wrote: “One of the major dangers of climate change in London is flooding due to summer rains.

Large areas of London flooded (Image: yanRyan_Colaco / Twitter)

London flood pictures

Recent Floods in London: Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places on Friday.

“Climate warming before our eyes in Putney, south-west London.”

A third person posted pictures of the flood and wrote: ‘We were a little worried about the flood near Westfield in west London.

“Floods are everywhere.”

The Jumbuster Twitter account also wrote: “A10 Shoreditch High Street (all directions) at the Norton Folkgate intersection.

London Flood Twitter

Recent floods in London: Cars submerged several inches (Image: yanRyan_Colaco / Twitter)

“There is a collapsed valve cover.

“Approach with caution.”

BBC meteorologist Tomas Schafnernaker posted a video of heavy rain in southwest London on Twitter.

He wrote: “Who is in West London in this‘ massive ’rain.

“The storm lasted for almost an hour. It was very bad in Wembley, Ealing, Siswick, Wimbledon and other areas.

“Flash flood is definitely happening … be careful!”

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places.

In the Bakerlo line, there is currently no service between Stone Bridge Park and Harrow & Wealthstone, with minor delays on the remaining line.

There is no service between Marble Arch and North Acton in the middle row.

On the London Overground, there is no service between the Welleston junction and the Richmond / Club junction and between the Euston and Watford junction.

There are severe delays between Stratford and the Welleston junction.

Channel 4 news meteorologist Liam Dutton has released a picture of a meteorological office with heavy rain in some parts of the UK.

With this he wrote: “The rain with thunder and lightning is now exploding all over the UK.

“Heavy rains, especially in southern England and western Scotland, are likely to cause localized flooding.”

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for rain until midnight on Monday, covering large areas south of Peterborough.

Sarah Kent, a forecast for the Meteorological Office, forecast 0 mm of rain in some parts of the country in the next few hours on Monday.

He said: ‘There will be very heavy rain in the south and west of England.

“There will be thunderstorms from the English Channel as we speak.

“Of course, the heavy rains we expect are causing localized flooding and travel disruption, unfortunately, as people are running to school and coming home from work.”

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