Equinix makes Paris-London at the speed of light

Equinix makes Paris-London at the speed of light

The data center company today announced the new submarine cable project. The 520 km Fiber Cross Channel will connect France and Great Britain via the channel by the end of this year.

England’s defeat against the Italians may have ended the long and difficult Brexit process, but Equinix wants to build bridges between the island and the continent. Or more accurately at the base of the English channel… data center company Has announced a submarine cable project Equinix confirms the first project of its kind in twenty years, between France and Great Britain.

Built by Crosslake Fiber, this 520-kilometer cable cross-channel fiber connects landing stations in Brighton and Wheels-Les-Roses, and eventually Equinex data centers in the suburbs of London (LD4) and Corbevoy (PA7) and Slow. ” In order to expand its capabilities beyond the UK and France and Europe, the system will be integrated with several neighboring cable networks. Says Equ Equinix.

Under the arm

« Thanks to this new cable, companies can deploy their IT infrastructure on the Edge and benefit from integrating with the ecosystem of our broader service providers. Raquis Costagne, French director of Equ Equine, is delighted. ” With the latest release Of our BX1 hub At Bordeaux, this announcement offers our customers and partners the opportunity to drastically transfer data between London and the European continent, all as close as possible to real-time »

Equipped with a double shield, without a repeater, this cable channel is buried two meters under the floor, accommodating 96 pairs of strands. More than 20 dips per pair of threads The operator says. Dark threads are also a part of the game. This is the second collaboration between Equinix and American Crosslake Fiber, and the latter is a European project.

« Direct access to the business environment systems provided by Equinix (from the Cross Channel) is a huge asset to Crosslake Fiber customers. The latter benefit from the short-delayed merger for key partners in the United Kingdom and France’s major economic hubs. This direct access also attracts companies expecting total dark fiber and bandwidth offers inside and outside these markets. Equ wrote Equinix in its press release.

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