Microsoft takes the next high class in the field of security

Microsoft takes the next high class in the field of security

Microsoft is said to have acquired another security company. It’s about software maker Risk, for whom the group is said to have put half a billion dollars on the table.

The acquired company’s technologies will find their way into Microsoft’s products in the future and provide better protection against increasing violent attacks. RiskIe is particularly suited to the Redmond-based strategy as the company’s security products are completely supportive of cloud environments.

The US news agency reported on the deal BloombergWho relied on information circles. It said the official announcement of the acquisition should be followed in the coming days. Further details on the acquisition methods, such as the company’s integration model with the Microsoft team, should be known.

Great customers there

RiskIQ brings in many great customers. The list here includes BMW, American Express, Facebook and the US Post Office. The company was founded in 2009 and has since raised $ 83 million. Most recently it has been owned by investment companies such as Summit Partners and Battery Ventures. With the acquisition of Microsoft, they can now gild their commitment at a number of prices.

Microsoft has recently made several acquisitions in the security sector. Recently, for example, re-confirmation labs came here Redmond Group of Companies To. The company develops security technologies for IoT systems and has 3,500 employees. These should provide an all-round portfolio in their specialty area, in which security technologies ranging from chip to application software are compiled at many levels, and they work together.

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