High tech work? “Possible even without 5 units in experience, official degree or math”

רן בר זיק

“A lot of people think that someone who works as an average developer went to a high school major, then went to a technical department in the military, studied computer science at university, and went into high technology. I worked as a sergeant major and worked as a security guard at the bank’s entrance after graduation, ”says Ron Bar-Zig, a senior developer at Verizon Media, who has written several textbooks.

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Bar Zig had no previous official experience, but he created websites in his spare time, which earned him what he called “experience before experience” – and this is one of his recommendations for those looking to enter high technology. Thanks to this background, he was able to get a job as a webmaster in 012, from where he progressed and gained experience in reading. Now he is trying to help others integrate his story with high technology.

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In an interview with the podcast “30 Minutes or Less”, he gives tips from his experience in this field, explains what to look for when pursuing the dream of joining a high tech and how to face different courses and different promises and how to apply for a job.

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