What are your plans for the Warriors this summer? Review by Steff Curry

Toujours en feu, Steph Curry rejoint Jordan et Kobe dans l'histoire ! NBA

After a very difficult year, mainly due to injuries, the Warriors want to return to the stage next season. To this end, Summer promises to be busy, with the opportunity to hear her opinion on this matter with Steff Curry.

Not in the playoffs for this season, the Warriors may still be upset after losing to Chris Lice. Steve Kerr had room for men, but they could not rise to the challenge. However, Step curry It shone throughout this year, to the point of demanding a place of honor for the MVP.

I have to say that the leader doesn’t really have a choice. Due to Clay Thompson’s injury, without his side, he had to present himself completely to the Golden State. Otherwise, Tubbs would have experienced a devastating campaign.

Henceforth, summer promises to be hectic. Curry can sign Extension of contract with the Warriors, But nothing has been confirmed yet. Despite playing with the nerves of some fans, both parties have decided to take their time.

But as everyone is assured, Carrie’s future is on the side of San Francisco, where he hopes to win a new ring in 2022. Proof, he has already discussed his future with the Warriors, but mostly licensing plans for this summer. With two choices well placed in the draft, the front office can do something very interesting.

I know we are patient. For the past few weeks I have been able to talk to Bob Myers, Joe Locob and coach Steve Kerr, and things are going smoothly and we will keep it that way.

With the 7th and 14th exams, there are some beautiful skills to pick up. It would be best to pick a good player who can make the best impact. He hopes to add something to a playoff run and be able to play for a few minutes.

For now, there are no plans to trade these choices for dubs. Everything can be changed a few weeks before the draft, especially if the offer is available to the owner.

Steff Curry trusts his leaders for a solid summer, but be careful not to disappoint him. Next season will be decisive in the Golden State, which will mark a real turning point.

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