Kiko Hernandez is ashamed to play next Thursday night

Kiko Hernandez is ashamed to play next Thursday night

Next week, the eyes of the baseball world will be on Denver for the Major League Baseball All-Star Celebrations. There will be inverted play, draft, homestay competition and all-star game.

For the players who go, these are ceremonies. But for everyone else, it’s the mid-season break. We talk at home for four days (Monday to Thursday) without a match.

This is true for 28 of the 30 teams. On Thursday evening, there will be a game on the table. We are talking about a classic between the Red Sox and the Yankees. The game will take place at 7pm in the Bronx.

Sox player KK Hernandez was not exactly happy with the idea.

He is not a satisfied customer because the rest of the guys are important. But there, both clubs will be cut one day.

He did not hesitate to speak loudly and clearly about it.

I imagine 28 teams need four days off, not two teams needed, but whatever.

– KK Hernandez

MLP for wanting to monetize the competition and limit the number of days without games. This is the system.

On the other hand, you need to understand the players as well. This is true for those who stay at home, but more for those who travel to Denver. The second half of the season will try for them, and still 24 hours would have been optimal.

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