What will the mysterious retired Clay Thompson do? His father answers!

NBA Klay sur le banc

If he works like a dog to get on the field, Clay Thompson still leaves no doubt what he will do when his career is over. Nevertheless, the first element of the answer may be to us. His father actually teased Warrior’s future change.

Clay Thompson, who was absent at the last minute of the 2020-21 campaign, is expected to return next season. Until then, he has been living his life quietly in the back of the Golden State, which he shares via social media … including those close to him, as revealed by his father Michael Thompson:

He is fine. He keeps up to date on his instakiram feed everyone. I get my updates from what he says on Instagram.

The most original way to communicate with family, it must be said. But apparently, the father seems to be at ease with it!

Besides, Splash Pro has been expressing its greatest interest for some time: the sea. Best fan of water rides, He spent last Valentine’s Day, a boat and even separately ! Finished his career in the NBA, he repeatedly pointed to imagine doing tiraiyatlonkal and diving.

He asked NBC Games, Michael Thompson has unhesitatingly confirmed that this could happen. But he goes further than that because he explains that Clay would be willing to make a radical change. According to her father, she simply disappeared from the radar of the big league to go!

I would be surprised. I would be shocked if he stayed on the NBA scene. He really loves the ocean, he loves his boat. I see him boarding a boat and traveling around the world. Become an old ship captain in the Bahamas, tourists take tours. I can not imagine him doing it well. Pahamasukkuc you had before, you will understand why he wants to. This is the most beautiful water in the world for boating or boating.

All of this is reminiscent of a particular Boris Thea, who used her leisure to ride a mine and ride on water around the world. Thompson’s interest is understandable, as he was born in California and plays in San Francisco on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. It is difficult to obey its attractions.

So it is important to follow it closely when the last game of Clay Thompson’s career takes place. Don’t see him again for a while after that …

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