The Dodgers quietly cut ties with Trevor Bauer

The Dodgers quietly cut ties with Trevor Bauer

Nowadays, Trevor Boyer talks about him for the wrong reasons. He is currently under investigation for assaulting a woman in California, and he is an MLA on executive leave.

Dave Roberts did not expect to see him again over the weekend, and his leave usually ends on Friday. Dodgers Manager M.L.P. Expects the leave to be extended (at least) by one more week, it’s time to shed light on this matter.


However, there has been a slight growth in the file over the last few hours. Not at the level of investigation, but at the level where it is managed by Dodgers.

First, we learned this morning that the system was back in the evening bobblehead Trevor Boyer from his promotional table. On August 19, the Dodgers will host the Mets (the final team to sign the Boer during the most recent season).

In addition, since this morning, we note that it is now not possible to purchase items bearing the image of the most recent winner of the Sai Young Cup at the official Dodgers store.

His name will always be on the list, but by clicking on it, we only see customized jerseys. There is no official Boer uniform.

So we feel that the organization is trying to quietly reduce its relationship with the initiator. Last Sunday, however, the Dodgers owner said he had no plans to release Bauer.

Did recent critics (including Dave Stewart, who refused to reunite players who won the 1981 World Series with the California organization, due to his awkward fortune in handling the trophy) play a role in this change? Possibility.

So we will follow the upcoming developments in the file, but the Dodgers want to distance themselves from Boer. Is it temporary when it comes to trial results? The future will tell.

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