Heavy thunderstorms and hail

Heavy thunderstorms and hail

From Thursday afternoon, the weather will be moderate in the western part of Transtanupia, and there will be less chance of heavy thunderstorms from the southwest. However, under the most probable circumstances, severe thunderstorms will appear only at dawn on Friday night, first in the foothills of the Alps and northern Transtonupia, and then only in the western part of the north central mountains. During the night, thundershowers can reach up to 70 km / h, with snow reaching 2-3 cm and heavy rain.

On Friday mornings and afternoons, heavy thunderstorms are likely to occur mainly in the eastern part of Transtonopia and in the central part of the country, which may even be organized as a system. Thundershowers during the first half of the afternoon in Transylvania and in the eastern part of the North Central Highlands. At speeds of up to 90 km / h at heavy thunderstorms, snow can exceed 2-3 cm (up to 4+ in some places) and thundershowers. In the afternoon, thunderstorms gradually move eastward, and in the evening and at night they usually occur east of the Danube.

Friday the temperature drops

On Thursday, daytime warming will intensify, so the average temperature in many places will be above 28.29 degrees. On Friday, the cold front and rainfall from the west will decrease, and the heat will reduce to the south and east.

Long chances

6-8 days in advance, there is a chance of heavy rain over a large area. By the middle of next week, an average of 20-30 millimeters of rain is likely to fall over larger areas. Soil moisture is likely to increase by the end of next week.

After today’s peak the temperature of the warmer times will drop and the values ​​of 30 degrees will be normal. Humidity in the air will increase permanently to more than 80 percent.

Northwesterly winds blow mainly on Fridays and Saturdays, mainly in Transantopia, but they also write that storms and damaging winds could bring thunderstorms. Meteorologists.

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