All TV shows from July 24 to 30, 2021

All TV shows from July 24 to 30, 2021

Every week, It invites you to find an overview of the program tables of the French channels, which are valid for three weeks. In addition to the premiums of the four historical channels, find the selection of the most anticipated premiums, as well as programming changes in the second half of the evening or on all channels. Here is our selection for the week 2021 Saturday 24 to Friday 30.

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TV shows

“Magnum”: TF1 continues its US series Season 3 from Tuesday 27th …

& quot;  OPJ & quot;  : After its primary time hit, the series continues on Monday, July 26 at France 3 ... 10:30 p.m.

TV shows

“OPJ”: After its cover box at prime time, the series continues on Monday in France 3 …

& # 39;  Best Holiday & # 39;  : Valerie Tomidot returns to season 4 on TF1 starting tonight

TV shows

“The Most Beautiful Holidays”: Valerie Tomito returns to season 4 on TF1 …

Saturday July 24, 2021

TF1: “Tourists: Rescue mission at sea”, entertainment by Arthur (unpublished)
France 2: “Ford Boyd”, Season 32 of Entertainment by Oliver Minne
France 3: “Mongeville”, a French series directed by Benedict Delmas with Francis Ferrin and Cal Bona
France 5:
Magazine by Deca under the theme “Ecclesiastical Bells”, “Annecy Gormand”
M6: “Hawaii 5-0”, American Series 10 (final) with Alex O’Loughlin
“Alban Ivanov: Annoying element”, Alban Ivanov and co

2021 July 25 Sunday

TF1: French film with “Marie-Franois”, Valerie Lemercier and Patrick Timchid (unpublished)
France 2: “The Good Big Giant”, an American film directed by Steven Spielberg with Mark Rylans and Ruby Bornhill
France 3: “Hudson and Rex”, Season 2 of the Canadian Series with John Reardon (Unpublished 4)
France 5: “100 Places to See”, Documentary Series
M6: Magazine by Julian Corbett on “Summer”, “Summer Evening: The Battle of Aperitif”
: “Ray”, an American film directed by Taylor Hackford with Jamie Foxx
Benfica Lisbon / OM, Friendly football match
“Gravity”, an American film directed by Alfonso Quaran with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

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2021 July 26 Monday

TF1: “Camping Paradise”, French series with Laurent Ornock
France 2: “Purpose: Le Motivate to Crime”, Season 3 of the Canadian Series (unpublished)
France 3: “La Soup Aux Chowks”, a French film directed by Jean Girald with Louis de Funes and Jean Cormet
France 5: “Planes at the End of the World”, Documentary Series
M6: “Baywatch: Alert in Malibu”, an American film directed by Seth Gordon with Twain Johnson and Zac Efron (unreleased)
“On the Trail of the Great Caravan” is an American film directed by John Sturges with Burt Lancaster.
“Mary”, an American film directed by Mark Webb with Chris Evans
“Asterix at le Coop to Menhir”, an animated film directed by Philip Grimond
“47 Meters Down” is an American film directed by Johannes Roberts with Mandy Moore
RMC Discovery:
“Da Vinci Discoveries”, a documentary series directed by Siriel Adam

France 3:
10:35 am, Season 2 of the French series with “OPJ”, Yale Drules and Antoine Stip

Tuesday July 27, 2021

“Magnum”, American Series 3 with Jay Hernandez (unpublished)
France 2:
“If the Walls Can Speak”, by Stephen Bern “The Palace of the King of Spain” (unpublished)
France 3:
Season 5 of the French series “The Intern” with Michael Bernier and Antoine Hemel
France 5:
“Nus et Glottas”, Season 9 of the documentary series, with Nance Thomasi and Guillo Thissarant-Maw (unpublished)
“Maleficent”, an American film directed by Robert Stromberg with Angelina Jolie
“Summer 39”, a documentary directed by Matthias Hendz and Nina Goshofer
W9: “Less 11 Commandments”, a French film directed by Franுவாois Descnaud and Thomas Soriox with Michael Yoon

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Wednesday July 28, 2021

TF1: “Most Wanted Criminals”, Season 1 of the American Series with Julian McMahon (unpublished)
France 2: Season 2 “Wonderful Friend” of the Italian-American series based on the works of Elena Fernandez (unpublished)
France 3: “Drought and Fire: The Powers of Our Forests!” “Le Monte de Jamie”, presented by Jamie Gourmet and Eclandine Emey. (Unpublished)
France 5:
“Bad Time for the Planet”, Documentary Series
M6: “Zonal Intermediate”, presented by Oblique Munier, under the theme “Secondary Apartments: All French People Dream”
“Oslode in Paris”, a Franco-German-Belgian animated film directed by Michael Osalat
OM / Saint-Etienne, friendly football match
“Claude Franுவாois, The Last Secrets”, documentary by Jerome Anthony
“Premium upside down”, entertainment provided by Jenny & Valentine

Thursday July 29, 2021

TF1: “Max and Lyon’s Crazy Story” is a French film directed by Jonathan Barre with Grogoyer Ludic and David Marquez.
France 2: “Africa, Le Grand Concert”, Entertainment by Daphne Burke and Claudie Sear
France 3:
Season 4 of the French series with “Cassandre”, Quentin Hamon and Alexandre Varga
France 5:
Season 11 of the documentary series written and presented by Philip Cochler (unpublished)
“House for Sale”, entertainment provided by Stephen Plaza
“When the play returns”, Darte W. Danish series by Hogg and Ida Maria Ryden (3 episodes)
TMC: “Cyrano de Bergerac”, a French film directed by Jean-Paul Rapeno with Gerard Deportio

2021 July 30 Friday

TF1: “Nothing goes with Arthur on Friday”, entertainment provided by Arthur
France 2: “Minor murders of Agatha Christie”, French series with Samuel Laparde, Plantin Bellavoir and Elody Frank
France 3: “300 singers sing Joe Dosin’s most beautiful songs”, Entertainment
France 5:
“Le Park”, captured at the Paris Opera (unpublished)
M6: “NCIS”, Season 15 of the American series with Mark Hormone
Art: “The End of Summer”, a French television film directed by Helen Angel with Bernard Le Coque and Christian Millett
C8: “M com Mason”, magazine by Stephen Debat
“Ed da Soyour”, a French film directed by Marion Vernox with Virginia Ephraim

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