évangéliques Amérique du Sud

The Gospel Renaissance of South America

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The growing influence of evangelical Protestant currents can be seen throughout Latin America. Panorama of Nicaragua in Brazil.

This is a standard throughout Latin America. According to figures from the Pew Research Center, the evangelical population has been growing everywhere since the 1970s and is detrimental to Catholic influence. An awareness that can be seen more or less powerfully depending on the geographical areas. David Stoll, author of a memoir entitled Latin America Becomes Protestant, explains that “areas with the largest evangelical population are in Brazil and Central America.” (University of California Press, 1990). In Guatemala, for example, we are interested to coaches, attending worship each week, people perumpanmaiyakivittanar Gospel. It is also very important in Honduras and El Salvador. In contrast, Paraguay has the lowest proportion, at less than 10% of the national population. Evangelical Progress, Catholic Fall Since the 19th century, the former English and Dutch colonies of the Caribbean, such as Jamaica, the Bahamas or Belize, have historically been …

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