Leone’s father was still being held hostage kidnapped in the region mopti

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Abe Leon Dagnon, abducted in Mali

In Mali, we have no news from Father Leon Dagnon, who was abducted on June 21 in the Mopti region. He and four other Christians were abducted on the road near pantiyakara. Celebrities in the area of ​​social mediation between the kidnappers after four believers who came with him were released quickly, but not the father of Leon.

The kidnappers promised Father Lyon would also be released and explained to community mediators that they would like to set aside time to repair his car that was broken during the abduction. The breakup also hastened the release of the other four Christians who had been abducted with him and became irreversible. But for ten days, more news.

“The situation begins to worry,” one explains to the governor of Mopti, “we do not know what is going on, we wonder if they have not changed their minds.”

The kidnapping rights have not been claimed and the kidnappers do not want to clarify what group they belong to, but local sources point to the Khadiba Machina, an Islamist and pro-Muslim group (GSIM) affiliated with the militia, and are active in the area.

Video of the other two Malian hostages

Earlier this week two more maliyan jiesaiem hostage, hparako Ali cisse and was vice president of the chairman of our rma-rarus released a video showing tirica starring canoko. When their relatives informed them that negotiations for their release should be opened soon, they mobilized and contacted the Malian authorities. But Father Leon was never mentioned.

In his entourage, we promise not to give up on his release. The Christian community in the Mopti region has also rallied, especially a prayer for Father Lyon and all the hostages in Mali.

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