Jane Levy was angered by a filmmaker

Jane Levy was angered by a filmmaker

Jane Levy was featured in the 2016 horror film “Don’t Breathe”. The only survivor of the horrific Norman Nortstorm, “The Blind”, who played Rocky is no longer part of the cast “Don’t breathe 2 in cinema from August 25, 2021.

Fed Alvarez, the 31 – year – old American director who previously worked with the actress on the film “Evil Dead” in 2013, has explained that he does not want to hire the series’ heroine again. Joey and its incredible playlist ”. “Jane is very talented. We did two films together and I have a lot of respect for her. I saw what she was doing now and I was happy with the success she had on TV. I think she is in the real organ and is very happy about it. During the filming of “Do Not Breathe”, I did not feel that she was happy. I think she is an actress, she gives 200% settle every day, this kind of film needs a lot of energy, especially in my view of things. So I don’t want to impose it on him, ”he said Screen Rand.

Fede Alvarez clarified that actors who usually star in films like this invest a lot in their role and that Jane has already done it twice. “If I had asked her, she would have said yes. I doubt it very much, but if she had accepted, I would have felt terrible. I would not want to do that to anyone. ”

However, the filmmaker’s explanations never convinced his ex-colleague. The actress reacted slightly angry with his words Twitter. “It’s so funny to me that there are people who choose the” best decision “they can make without even asking me what I think or what I want. Good luck with this new performance! “

(Essential / Elja)

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